Marketing Translation

MarketingYour sales and marketing literature usually forms the first impression for customers looking to purchase your products or services abroad. How well its translation reads will reflect upon your product or service and can strongly influence your foreign sales.

Using only professional mother-tongue translators, R L Translations will convey your marketing message as poignantly in overseas markets as it is expressed in domestic markets in your mother tongue. Our marketing translators have excellent writing skills and are able to understand and translate any subtle nuances, symbolism, metaphors and plays on words within your text.

R L Translations can translate your:

  • advertising material and slogans
  • business cards
  • catalogues
  • direct mail campaigns
  • packaging
  • press releases
  • promotional material
  • sales brochures
  • sales flyers
  • sales presentations and sales pitches
  • taglines
  • websites

Sales and marketing information usually has to be customised to take into account local sensitivities and cultural aspects as well as the particular characteristics of different national markets. Sometimes a product is even marketed under a different name in another country as the original name may cause offence or cause a brand to be a laughing stock.

R L Translations knows that this type of mistake can ruin your corporate image. To ensure that your message isn't lost in translation, contact R L Translations to discuss your requirements or use the form on the rightbelow to get your free no obligation quote.