Website Translation

Information - Website TranslationR L Translations can translate your website into any language and localise the content to make it suitable for the market and culture in question.

There's no point in translating a website that can't be found. That's why when we translate your web pages we'll also translate fields used by search engines such as META description and keyword tags, page titles, link titles and image alt tags.

Whether your content is stored in static web pages or dynamically using a content management system, R L Translations can handle all common formats. Your translated web pages can be returned as Word or pdf files for you to add to your site, or we can translate your web pages directly from the source and return your site ready to publish. Images or animations that contain text can be recreated in your target language, or translated as text for your web designer to use.

Brand names could have unintended meanings in a foreign language and colours or images could be considered offensive in foreign cultures. By only using experienced, mother tongue translators who understand the customs of your target audience, we will provide an accurate, reliable translation of your website.

Things to consider when translating your website:

  • Do you want to translate the whole website or just part of it? For example, one option may be to create smaller microsites in other languages.
  • How will you host the foreign language versions of your website? For example, will you extend your existing site, or create a new site with a foreign domain name (e.g. instead of
  • Think about how you want to generate enquiries. For example if your offices are based solely in the UK and the people answering the phones do not speak the language of your potential customer, do you really want to advertise your phone number on your foreign language website?
  • How do you want the different language versions of your site to be accessed? For example, do you want to use flags on every page, a world map intro page, a list of words on the home page or some other means?

Our specialist website translation and localisation services can help you build relations with customers in overseas markets. Contact R L Translations to speak to one of our project managers or use the form on the rightbelow for your free, no-obligation quote. We'll ensure that your message isn't lost in translation.