Technical Translation

marketingTechnical documentation is often written using industry specific terminology which, for most people, can be difficult to understand. In addition to the required language skills, a translator of such documents must be able to fully understand the technical text and provide a faithful, accurate translation, as a mistake could not only cost your business money and ruin your corporate image, but in some cases, could put lives at risk.

R L Translations specialises in technical translation, carefully matching each and every project to a professional technical translator with an excellent command of both the source and target languages and extensive experience in the relevant technical field. For example, if you need a translation of a wiring diagram, we’ll look for a translator with qualifications in electrical engineering or with significant experience of translating similar documents. We have successfully completed a number of projects for companies with a variety of technical backgrounds, including manufacturing, telecommunications, automotive and software.

Our technical translation services include a wide range of technical documents, including:

  • Data sheets
  • Installation instructions
  • Invitations to tender
  • Maintenance guides
  • Parts lists
  • Patent documentation
  • Repair instructions
  • Service instructions
  • Technical drawings
  • Technical guidelines
  • Technical reports
  • Technical specifications
  • Technical training material
  • User manuals

R L Translations can help you maximise the return on your translation investment through our use of translation memory software. This not only ensures that any repeated text does not have to be translated again, but also improves terminology consistency, enables a quicker turnaround of your translation and reduces your translation costs. Translation memory is particularly useful if your document is an update of a previous translation.

R L Translations can manage all your translation needs leaving you to concentrate on what you do best. Which languages and which documents will be the only decisions you'll need to make. Please contact us to discuss your requirements or use the form on the rightbelow to get your free, no-obligation quotation.