Medical and Pharmaceutical Translation

MedicalMedical and pharmaceutical documentation uses highly specialised terminology. As a result, translations of medical and pharmaceutical documents should only ever be carried out by professional translators with expertise in the relevant medical or pharmaceutical field. It is essential for a translator to be able to fully understand the text and provide a faithful, accurate translation using the correct terminology in the target language. A mistranslation of a diagnosis could have serious consequences for the patient!

Just what the doctor ordered…

R L Translations knows that for medical and pharmaceutical translations, acute attention to detail and the correct use of the appropriate medical or pharmaceutical terminology is paramount. We carefully match each medical or pharmaceutical translation project to a professional mother tongue translator, speaking the appropriate language combination and with extensive experience in the relevant medical, pharmaceutical or related field. Our pharmaceutical and medical translators either have practical experience in the industry (for example, many have worked in-house as staff translators for medical or pharmaceutical companies) and/or they have formal medical or pharmaceutical training. This ensures that any medical and pharmaceutical translations carried out by R L Translations are a true and accurate representation of the original text.

R L Translations can provide expert translators in all medical and pharmaceutical related fields, including:

  • audiology
  • biochemistry
  • biotechnology
  • cardiology
  • cardiovascular medicine
  • cell & molecular biology
  • cerebrovascular medicine
  • chemistry
  • clinical psychology
  • clinical trials
  • dentistry
  • drug manufacture
  • drug registration
  • endocrinology
  • epidemiology
  • genetic engineering
  • haematology
  • HIV
  • homeopathy
  • hypertension
  • immunology
  • occupational medicine
  • orthopaedics
  • osteoporosis
  • pharmacology
  • psychiatry
  • radiology
  • renal medicine
  • respiratory medicine
  • rheumatology
  • toxicology
  • urology
  • veterinary medicine

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